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    Krissy Cruse has authored a series of blog posts entitled “Questions to Ask Your Buyer Agent”, which you can read here:

    Part 1
    Are you full-time?
    Which MLS do you belong to?
    How long have you been in residential real estate?

    Part 2
    How many homes have you bought or sold in my area?
    Do you typically work in my price range?
    What is your strategy to meet my needs?

    Part 3
    What other professionals do you typically partner with to help me buy a home?
    Do I have to work with the lender, inspector or other service provider that you recommend?
    If I choose to work with my own lender, how would you communicate with them?

    Part 4
    What websites are you on?
    What type of real estate certification or secondary education have you gone through?
    Will you provide me with at least three references?


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